4 Tips to Avoid Dry Skin

VIDA has got a fix for you and trust me this is an issue I deal with every day.  I recently moved from a very moderate and humid climate to Regina, SK which is arid and cold, a drastic climate difference that has not helped my skin adapt. It has led to breakouts, itching, flaky skin, etc. My skin wasn’t even absorbing some of the products I was using because I needed to understand how to treat my body properly. The staff at VIDA put together a couple of our beauty secrets to help you stop itching + scratching.

1. Humidify 

The humidity I dreaded in D.C. and NYC, I had to recreate with a humidifier. You can create your own biome in your bedroom, and even add some essential oils to keep my room smelling fresh! I would recommend hitting up Bed, Bath, and Beyond (don’t forget those coupons) to get a humidifier that won't scare your guests or give the hospital vibe.

I add in lavender or frankincense oil to sleep better at night and eucalyptus or menthol if I am congested. Remember diffusers are significantly better for your health, rather than lighting that over- priced generic candle in a mason jar. They are usually unmarked and contain a lot of the chemicals with skin irritants and cancer-causing endocrine disrupters.  

2. Moisturize! Moisturize! Moisturize!  

I work in an Anti-Aging Centre, so I have access to products at ease whether it’s a hydration boost, a pesky blemish, or to treat my oily t-zone. But for you all, I would recommend keeping a hand cream or multipurpose lotion in your desk (Skinceutical’s Epidermal Repair is my personal fave), as well as a facial moisturizer such as Daily Moisture or Hydrating B5 Gel from Skinceuticals. 

3. Scrub  

Exfoliating is an art form, as of recently I was exfoliating too frequently irritating my already dry skin. Making sure you exfoliate 1-2 a week is very helpful; it helps your skin function better with improved complexion and absorption of moisture. 

Clarisonic™ is another great option to incorporate exfoliation into your routine. The device can be used with your regular cleanser and also works well with light exfoliators for people dealing with regular skin sensitivity. (Remember to clean your Clarisonic regularly!) 

4. Vitamins 

Fish oil or any plant-based Omega 3's are an excellent way to help hydrate internally and keep you skin balanced. I take them daily not only do they help repair my muscles after I work out but also repair the skin cells on my body! 


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