Glowing Skin + Smaller Pores!

Large pores and dull/ oily skin have always been my problem until I started using toner. My complexion has brightened, pores around my nose have been less noticeable, and my skin has had less breakout. 

Do I Really Need Toner?

Check under your sink or in your closet... How many cleaners do you have for your bathroom or kitchen? Now think about your face: you cleanse, and scrub but, does that really do the trick? 

Not using a toner is like cleaning your counters or bathroom without a disinfectant, it may look nice, but you may have to deal with the consequences later. 

Why Should You Use Toner?  

Toner can remove the excess makeup that your remover has missed, balance the pH level of your skin, and reduce the size of pores to give a smoother appearance. This magical product is an important part of the skincare process, finalizing the cleansing process.

After taking off your makeup, or a day filled with stress/ environmental factors, toner prevents the skin's pH levels from turning acidic. In addition, toner helps bring your skin back to the neutral pH level, which will leave it glowing and healthy.  

What Kind of Toner Should You Use? 

Skinceutical’s has fantastic toners for every skin type: Equalizing Toner, Blemish & Age Solution. For my combination skin type (oily in T-zone, dry other places), I prefer the Blemish & Age Solution to leave my skin glowing and smooth. OMNI sells both of the toners aforementioned, although if you are shopping around keep in mind, there are an abundance of toners out there, and you need to find the one that works for you. Depending on your skin's natural composition (ex. Dry, oily, combination, normal) there are toners to tend to your own skin's needs specifically.  

What Happens if I Don’t Use a Toner? 

Toner is not necessarily a live or die product, and many go without one, however, to help reduce dryness, breakouts, and excess oil production, toner is your go to.

Take-Away: Toner can give you "Pregnancy Glowing" skin with smaller pores, but make sure you find the one that works for your skin type!

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