Guide to Gorgeous Skin for Every Age


  •  If dealing with breakouts is your battle, it’s time to get it under control. Acne can present itself on the chin, jawline, and lower cheeks, one must assess their diet and skin regime in order to prevent future breakouts. Oxygenating your skin is very important at this age and chlorophyll in greens can help fight this battle of bacteria and build up. Make sure to get that makeup off at night!

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  • Time to switch from that tanning oil to daily sunscreen. If you have not already began a regime that includes a light moisturizer with sunscreen, it’s time to start in order to prevent lines and wrinkles. While Botox, filler, and retinoid can be supplemented to help with current lines and wrinkles, prevention is best to prevent future sun damage.

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  • You may be wiser but you are still paying for those days in the sun, and years of stress lines. In your 40’s, it’s time to focus on texture and tone, as skin begins to lose that natural glow from lack of collagen and elastin, exfoliation, chemical peels, and laser treatments are the saving grace. These treatments can help make your skin look smoother and healthier that also promotes collagen production.

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  • It’s time for a dynamic regime, that includes anti-aging products as well as a strong moisturizer. With loss of collagen and elastin the skin continues to age with a crepey texture, moisturizers with hyaluronic acid can be an instant game changer quickly hydrating and revitalizing the skin. Lasers can be a great way to erase brown spots and red blotches, however for crepey skin chose chemical peels.  

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