Ski Weekend Skin Care

Looking Good on the Slopes or in the Lodge ;)

With higher altitudes, your sun exposure becomes more intense, and the snow reflects rays that you would not usually be exposed to. Skiing the slopes can be a lot of fun and chilly, but one must not forget that even though it's cold, your skin can still catch rays. The mountains can be dry especially with the high altitude so dry; itchy skin can be expected that’s why you must bring the right products to apply persistently.  

Making sure you have a couple “go-to” skin care products will ensure you to have a blast while preventing sunburn, chapped lips, and scaly skin.

Skinceutical’s Sheer Physical Defense SPF 50 is a great product to have on hand or your excursions. It is a lightweight but potent formula that will not dry tacky or rub off. When in direct sunlight for extended periods of time, it is best to reapply every few hours to continually protect your skin from harsh exposure. 

Making sure that you are moisturizing with a lip balm that has SPF is crucial to enjoying your trip. Don’t forget to keep applying! The skin on the lips is very thin and can become sun burnt, wind burnt, or overly dry. Skinceutical’s Antioxidant Lip Repair has become one of the products I always keep on hand for instant and ongoing relief.

My last piece of advice to you would be to remember to rehydrate the skin after exposure. The same is said for drinking water to stay hydrated, your skin needs hydration too! Whether it is Skinceutical’s Epidermal Repair or their Hydrating B5 Gel, you are sure to replenish your skin thoroughly with these products!  

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