Laser Intra Oral Treatments

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Fotona’s 3 & 4 Dimensional Rejuvenation

The ageing process can be simply summarized as a slowing of the constant process of regeneration, repair and maintenance of your tissues by your body. Solutions over the years have shifted from surgical to non-surgical laser treatments which is offered at our clinic. 
Fotona’s new 3 & 4-dimensional laser treatment stimulates the natural ability of the body to produce collagen and repair itself thereby providing for tighter and younger-looking skin. The treatment involves 4 different treatments that are done in conjunction with one sitting.


The first treatment is smooth lifting by applying the laser to the inside of your mouth. This causes collagen stimulation inside and out. This stimulates the reduction of nasolabial folds thereby giving you a lift without any surgery, downtime and injections.

The next step is the use of laser pulses that target the dermal skin layers to reduce the appearance of minor skin imperfections like spots, fine lines, and wrinkles. Then, utilizing super-long laser pulses to induce collagen contraction, remodelling and neo-collagens, an essential step in skin rejuvenation.

And finally, we use a hand-held device that propels a high-speed of aluminum oxide crystals onto the skin sucking away dirt and dead cells from your skin making it look fresh. It is similar to a cold peel that leaves your skin with a pearly look.

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