Laser Snoring & Sleep Apnea Treatment

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Fotona Laser System

With the Fotona Laser, snoring and sleep apnea can be reduced and even eliminated. If you are tired of being tired because you suffer from sleep apnea or you live with someone with sleep apnea or snoring, this is the solution. A good night sleep is important for your mental, physical and emotional health. Lack of sleep can affect our life as followed: • 2.5 times more likely to report having diabetes;• 1.8 times more likely to report hypertension;• 2.2 times more likely to report heart disease; and,• 2.2 times more likely to report a mood disorder such as depression, bipolar disorder, mania or dysthymia.


NightLase, a non-invasive, patient-friendly laser treatment, was created by Fotona and is clinically proven to decrease snoring and reduce the effects of sleep apnea. It is light enough to be used on sensitive tissue in the mouth, yet, strong enough to deliver effective heating that gets results.
The NightLase laser is used to heat the tissue in the back of the throat. The laser energy heats the tissue causing a tightening effect. This causes air to flow more freely which stops snoring. NightLase is performed in 3 treatments over the course of 2 months. Each treatment lasts around 15 minutes and no anesthesia is required. No cutting, no bleeding, no downtime.

Results are typically seen after the first session.


Better sleep/rest

Easier breathing

Think with more clarity

Work more effectively and efficiently

Clinical studies support the use of laser therapy to combat snoring