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The experienced Skin Gurus at OMNI Surgery + Anti-Aging Centre create customized treatment plans that are designed to achieve results with the ultimate goal of having our patients looking and feeling their absolute best. We are completely aware that the diverse range of treatments and products available on the market today can be overwhelming.
Our 30-minute complimentary consultation includes a hands-on skin analysis and assessment to properly determine the best possible approach. We will address your skin health goals and work with you step by step short and long term. This may include a balance of professional medical grade product for at home treatment and clinical treatments to bring you to your ultimate skin health goals.


Neo Graft Hair Transplant Consultation

Dr. Sheikh provides a 30-minute complimentary consultation includes a hands-on analysis and assessment of your hair loss to properly determine the best possible approach. As part of this assessment, Dr. Sheikh gets to understand your needs to deliver a treatment that meets your expectations. 

Botox Fillers & PRP Consultation


Everyone’s blood is full of chemicals and substances that allow the body to heal itself. Many of these chemicals are stored in the platelets. PRP is a treatment where we concentrate your own blood growth and healing factors and inject them in problem areas to allow the body to repair and rejuvenate skin and tissues. It is very effective and a safe way to turn back the clock of ageing and restore the “younger you!” We provide a free consultation for fillers and PRP. If you are considering fillers or PRP treatments call us for a free consultation.

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