Earlobe Repair

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Don't Live with Disfigured Earlobes!

If you have torn, split, or disfigured earlobes that are need of repair, Omni Surgery & Anti-Aging Centre can help. After all, earlobes complete your overall look. Trying to hide earlobe damage or distinguishing it by wearing heavy earrings can only cause greater damage to the earlobe.
Although earlobe surgical repair is a simple procedure, the skill level required to properly repair earlobe tissue is quite high.

Earlobes that are torn or split are repaired by exposing the tissue on both of the torn edges and then suturing the edges so that they mesh together seamlessly. This is a meticulous surgery done with care, attention to detail, patience and time.

Patients can return to their normal activities once the procedure is completed, as it is done under local anesthetic and has a minimal amount of pain associated with the procedure.


In some cases, the damage to the earlobe is so extensive that the earlobe must be reconstructed. In this case, traditional plastic surgery techniques are used to reconstruct a new earlobe. This is an art form that should be done by a skillful and experienced plastic surgeon as there typically is very little of the earlobes to work with.
Dr. Shiekh has helped many people regain their self-confidence by repairing earlobes.